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Custom PC Build

PCs can be designed according to your requirements, with quality components that are easy to use.

Gaming PCs

With our computer repair shop in Bradford, you won’t have to worry about annoying slowdowns again while playing your favourite games. With our all-inclusive, high-performance PCs, we help you experience the excitement of gaming. Enrich your play. Move forward.

PCs for Home & Office

Stay connected to the world at home and work and increase your productivity. Whether you’re surfing the web at home, watching movies, completing assignments, or building your office, we have high-calibre PCs that suit your needs.

Hobby & Production

Your tasks will be completed on time, every time, by running demanding, high-functioning applications seamlessly. Our wide variety of systems can dramatically improve your workflow efficiency, whether working with photo editing workstations, programming machines, video editing computers, or multitasking PCs.

Enterprise & Business

You can increase your employees’ performance if you scale your computer network according to your business’s growing demands. With enterprise-level networking, your business can achieve higher productivity levels, reducing operating costs, improving network security and reducing downtime.


If you understand what matters, you shouldn’t have any problems configuring your Gaming PC. Here are the key points you should consider when configuring your Gaming PC.


AMD Rayzon processors are excellent budget processors that let you participate in the ever-growing eSports market. With the right components, you’ll be able to play most games in 1080p on Ultra settings. Pentium or Core i5 are the best options for budget users, the latter likely being on the higher end of your budget. Contact our support team on our contact page to get advice on the right combinations.


There are increasing numbers of games requiring more RAM than ever. Some games are creeping over their 8GB RAM limit, while others are becoming so daily. Therefore, if you can afford it, we recommend buying 16GB of RAM for your gaming PC. If you need more RAM, you can always add 8GB later. Games will still run with 8GB, just not quite as well.


Currently, the best value storage for a PC is a 2TB SSD. This size of the SSD is plenty to start you on your gaming path. 4TB is quickly catching up and will take over 2TB for the best value. A 2TB SSHD, Solid State Hybrid Drive, is a great alternative to Solid State Drives if your budget can’t stretch. SSD speed combined with a 2TB platter storage capacity brings you the best of both worlds. They are roughly 5 times faster than a standard mechanical drive and are far cheaper than buying a Nvme SSD 2 TB and 4TB Nvme SSD. This is an intelligent choice for a PC build.


According to gamers, a PC with poor graphics is not a gaming PC. There are a lot of budget cards on the market, including the Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 2GB graphics card. You can play all the latest games in 1080p and many of them in Ultra settings with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB card, but the former is almost as good and is better for the money.


In addition to the essentials, peripherals can enhance your gaming experience. Once you have nailed down the essentials, peripherals are great accessories to enhance your gaming experience.

A custom keyboard, mouse, and game controller are essential to making gaming an engaging and realistic experience. Make sure you use a headset or audio system when gaming.

A higher refresh rate and better quality panels will take your new budget gaming PC to the next level of gaming if you have the money to spare. Next, it is necessary to upgrade your monitor to one that is specially designed for gaming. Next, gaming chairs add comfort and style to your cave while adding much-needed comfort to gaming.


A gaming PC is only as good and as strong as the parts that make it. At 3C’s, we provide a wide range of high-quality components with flawless performance.

In building your gaming PC, we provide components from all the leading brands, such as NVidia, Intel, and ASUS, among others. You can choose the components that best suit your budget and gaming needs.


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