• Fully functional and complete with working system software
  • Turns on and off with working LCD
  • All buttons work
  • All features work e.g. touchscreen, Wi-Fi, camera, video etc
  • Complete with back cover and battery
  • No more than light wear and tear, no cracks, water damage or damage to screen
Don’t have a charger, accessories or the original box? Don’t worry: we’ll still buy your phone and the price won’t be affected!

  • Fully functional - all parts Inc. System software
  • Heavy wear and tear / scratches
  • Liquid damage indicator triggered
  • Include its battery
  • Be intact - not bent, crushed or snapped in half
  • Not have any missing parts or components
  • Be removed from Find My iPhone (not activation locked)
  • Examples of faulty phones: Broken / bleeding LCD, water damaged, no power up, blank LCD etc.

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