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Selling Your Macbook to 3Cs

Are you looking to sell your Macbook to a reliable and trustworthy buyer?

Look no further! 3Cs is your perfect solution. With years of experience in the electronics industry, we offer a seamless and hassle-free process to help you sell your Macbook.

Why Sell to 3Cs?

Competitive Pricing

At 3Cs, we pay highly competitive prices for pre-owned Macbooks. Our team carefully evaluates each device and considers the model, condition, and market demand to determine the appropriate price. Rest assured, you will receive the best possible value for your device.

Fast and Convenient Process

Selling your Macbook to 3Cs is a breeze. Our hassle-free process allows you to sell your Macbook in just three simple steps:

1. Visit our website or walk into our stores.

2. Provide the necessary information about your Macbook, including model, condition, and accessories.

3. Receive a cash payment or choose to trade in your device.

It’s that simple! Our dedicated team of professionals will handle the rest, ensuring the entire process is streamlined and efficient.


When you sell to 3Cs, you can benefit from competitive pricing and a fast and convenient process. We prioritise your satisfaction and strive to provide a seamless experience every step of the way. Sell your Macbook to 3Cs today and receive top dollar for your device!

    • Fully functional and complete with working operating software

    • Charger and battery present, Powers on/remain on (when not plugged into charger)

    • All parts function normally including CD/DVD , Keyboard, Webcam, Trackpad & buttons

    • Case, keyboard, hinges and other parts (excluding the screen) may show no more than light wear and tear

    Don’t have a charger, accessories or the original box? Don’t worry: we’ll still buy your Laptop

    • Battery present, Powers on/remain on (when not plugged into charger)

    • All parts function normally including CD/DVD, Keyboard, Webcam, Trackpad & buttons

    • Light wear and tear / scratches

    • No power (when plugged into power supply)

    • Not have any missing parts or components

    • Scratches / wear & tear

    • Examples of faulty Laptop: HDD / Damaged Screen, Water Damaged, CD/DVD, Keyborad, Trackpad & buttons etc.

    • No operating system

    • Password Locked

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